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Formulate the problem as a linear program in two variables? HELP

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 The Canine Products company offers two dog foods, Frisky Pup and
Husky Hound, that are made from a blend of cereal and meat. A package of Frisky
Pup requires 1 pound of cereal and 1.5 pounds of meat, and sells for $7. A package
of Husky Hound uses 2 pounds of cereal and 1 pound of meat, and sells for $6. Raw
cereal costs $1 per pound and raw meat costs $2 per pound. It also costs $1.40 topackage the Frisky Pup and $0.60 to package the Husky Hound. A total of 240,000
pounds of cereal and 180,000 pounds of meat are available each month. The only
production bottleneck is that the factory can only package 110,000 bags of Frisky
Pup per month. Needless to say, management would like to maximize profit.
(a) Formulate the problem as a linear program in two variables.
(b) Graph the feasible region, give the coordinates of every vertex, and circle the
vertex maximizing profit. What is the maximum profit possible
asked 7 years ago in Computer Science by anonymous

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