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Need help with CsC homework to create java class!

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how do i do this:
1. Create a Java class called MyFirstJava. In your main method, create at
least one variable. Assign your variable the value of an expression using
at least one operator. Finally, print out a message. Include the value of
the variable in your message. (Do not write out the value of the variable
yourself ! Allow Java to read and display the value, as we discussed in
2. Save your Java class and go to the command line. Use javac to compile
the class and run it. Make sure the output is what you would expect.
3. Pipe the output of your class to a file called output.txt.
That’s it! Submit your .java file and output.txt. Include a file README
with your name and a brief explanation of what your class does.
asked 6 years ago in Computer Science by anonymous

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